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Alternative forms[edit]


From ктитор (ktítor) or титор (títor)/титар (títar) - ktetor (also "ktitor"), from Greek κτήτωρ (ktítor) - someone who provides the funds for construction or reconstruction of an Orthodox church or monastery, a church elder.

Proper noun[edit]

Титарёв (Titarjóvm ?, Титарёва f

  1. Titarev, Titaryov (a Russian surname).


  singular plural
masculine feminine neuter
nominative case Титарёв Титарёва Титарёво Титарёвы
genitive case Титарёва Титарёвой Титарёва Титарёвых
dative case Титарёву Титарёвой Титарёву Титарёвым
accusative case Титарёва Титарёву Титарёво Титарёвых
instrumental case Титарёвым Титарёвой Титарёвом Титарёвыми
prepositional case о Титарёве о Титарёвой о Титарёвом о Титарёвых
  • Note: neuter is used only for place names; the word stress in
   place names may differ from that of surnames of the same root.
  • Neuter place names ending in -ово, -ёво, -ево, -ино may also be indeclinable.
  • Masculine place names ending in -ов, -ев, -ин, -ын have the accusative like the nominative.