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Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): [ˈnʲet͡ɕɪvə] (phonetic respelling: не́чево)
  • (file)


не́чего (néčevo)

  1. there is nothing to (negative genitive of что)
    мне не́чего де́латьmne néčevo délatʹ ― there is nothing for me to do.
  2. there is no need, (one) need not, (it is) no use
    не́чего жа́ловатьсяnéčevo žálovatʹsja ― it is no use complaining, stop complaining


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Usage notes[edit]

  • Put the noun or pronoun in the dative case and use the infinitive of a verb.
  • Prepositions are inserted between не and and the form of что: не́ для чего, не́ к чему, не́ с чем.