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Classical Syriac[edit]


Etymology 1[edit]

From the earlier uncontracted form ܚܢܟܐ (ḥenkāʾ), still preserved in the plural form ܚܢܟܐ (ḥenkēʾ). Compare Arabic حَنَك (ḥanak) and Hebrew חֵךְ (ḥēḵ).

Alternative forms[edit]


ܚܟܐ (transliteration neededc (plural ܚܢܟܐ)

  1. (anatomy) palate; mouth, jaws; throat, larynx
  2. taste (sense)
  3. (pathology) laryngitis
Usage notes[edit]

Usually, this word behaves as a masculine noun in the singular and a feminine noun in the plural.

Etymology 2[edit]


ܚܟܐ (transliteration needed)

  1. absolute singular of ܚܟܬܐ


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