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From Proto-Indo-Iranian *Hasura-, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ns-u-ro. Cognates include Avestan 𐬀𐬵𐬎𐬭𐬀 (ahura, god, lord), Old Persian 𐏊 (Auramazdā) and Hittite 𒈗 (hassu, king).


असुर (ásuram

  1. spirit, good spirit, supreme spirit (said of Varuna)
  2. the chief of the evil spirits
  3. an evil spirit, demon, ghost, opponent of the gods
  4. name of Rāhu
  5. the sun
  6. cloud
  7. (in the plural) name of a warrior-tribe
  8. name of a Vedic school
  9. zodiacal sign
  10. (botany) Sinapis ramosa (in later Sanskrit सुर (sura) has been formed from असुर (asura), as सित (sita), from असित (asita))



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