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कवि (kavim

  1. poet



From root कौति (√kū); compare कव (kava), आकूत (ā́kūta), आकूति (ā́kūti), काव्य (kāvya).


कवि (kaví)

  1. gifted with insight, intelligent, knowing, enlightened, wise, sensible, prudent, skilful, cunning
    • RV 1.11.4
      पुरां भिन्दुर्युवा कविरमितौजा अजायत |
      इन्द्रो विश्वस्यकर्मणो धर्ता वज्री पुरुष्टुतः ||
       ; purāṃ bhinduryuvā kaviramitaujā ajāyata |
      indro viśvasyakarmaṇo dhartā vajrī puruṣṭutaḥ ||
      Crusher of forts, the young, the wise, of strength unmeasured, was he born
      Sustainer of each sacred rite, Indra, the Thunderer, much-extolled.



कवि (kavím

  1. thinker, intelligent man, man of understanding, leader
  2. wise man, sage, seer, prophet
    • RV 6.32.2
      स मातरा सूर्येणा कवीनामवासयद रुजदद्रिं गर्णानः |
    सवाधीभिर्र्क्वभिर्वावशान उदुस्रियाणामस्र्जन निदानम ||
    sa mātarā sūryeṇā kavīnāmavāsayad rujadadriṃ ghṛṇānaḥ |
    svādhībhirṛkvabhirvāvaśāna udusriyāṇāmasṛjan nidānam ||
    Amid the sages, with the Sun he brightened the Parents: glorified, he burst the mountain;
    And, roaring with the holy-thoughted singers, he loosed the bond that held the beams of Morning.
  3. a singer, bard, poet (but in this sense without any technical application in the Veda)
  4. name of several gods, (especially) of Agni
  5. name of Varuna, Indra, the Ashvins, Maruts, Adityas
  6. name of the Soma
  7. name of the soma priest and other sacrificers
  8. (probably) name of a particular poet
  9. cf. अङ्गिरस् (áṅgiras) and उशनस् (uśánas)
  10. name of the ancient sages or patriarchs (as spirits now surrounding the sun)
  11. of the Ribhus (as skilful in contrivance)
  12. of Pushan (as leader or guider)
  13. name of a son of Brahma
  14. name of Brahma
  15. of a son of Bhrigu and father of Shukra
  16. that of Shukra (regent of the planet Venus and preceptor of the demons)
  17. name of the planet Venus
  18. name of the sons of several Manus
  19. name of a son of Kaushika and pupil of Garga
  20. name of a son of Rsabha
  21. name of Valmiki
  22. keeper, herd
  23. (figuratively) name of the gates of the sacrificial enclosure (compare कवष् (kaváṣ))
  24. the sun
  25. name of various men
  26. the soul in the Samkhya philosophy
  27. cunning fighter
  28. owl



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