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खर (khara)

  1. hard, harsh, rough, sharp, pungent, acid (opposed to मृदु and श्लक्ष्ण).
  2. solid (opposed to द्रव, fluid).
  3. dense (clouds).
  4. sharp, hot (wind).
  5. hurtful, injurious, cutting (as speech or word).
  6. sharp-edged.
  7. cruel.


खर (kharam

  1. donkey (so called from his cry).
  2. mule
  3. osprey
  4. heron
  5. crow
  6. thorny plant (sort of prickly nightshade or perhaps Alhagi maurorum) L.
  7. name of a fragrant substance.
  8. quadrangular mound of earth for receiving the sacrificial vessels (compare ἐσχάρα).
  9. a place arranged for building a house upon.
  10. name of the 25th year of the sixty years' बृहस्पति cycle.
  11. दैत्य or demon
  12. name of the असुर धेनुक.
  13. name of a रक्षस् slain by राम (younger brother of रावण).
  14. name of an attendant [of the Sun (= धर्म).
  15. name of a रुद्र
  16. ‘a she-mule’ » खरी-वात्सल्य.
  17. name of one of the mothers in स्कन्द's retinue.



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