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पिण्ड (piṇḍam, n

  1. round mass or heap, ball, lump (RV., TS., ŚBr., etc.)
  2. bite of food, morsel
  3. a ball of rice or flour offered to ancestors (GṛŚṛS., Mn., MBh., etc.)
  4. food, sustenance (MBh., Kāv., etc.)
  5. mass, body (Ragh., Śaṃk., Vajracch.)
  6. calf (Mālatīm.)
  7. the flower of a china rose (L.)
  8. portico (L.)
  9. force, power, army (L.)
  10. (in the dual) fleshy parts of the shoulder above the clavicle (MBh.)
  11. (in the dual) protrusion on the upper forehead of an elephant (L.)
  12. embryo at an early stage of development (L.)
  13. a kind of incense (Var.
  14. myrrh, olibanum (L.)
  15. meat, flesh (L.)
  16. alms (Mālatīm.)
  17. Meyna laxiflora (L.)
  18. quantity, collection (L.)
  19. sum
  20. sine expressed in a series of numbers
  21. sound, tone
  22. name of a man
  23. iron (L.)
  24. steel
  25. fresh butter



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