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Alternative forms[edit]


बिन्दु (bindúm (once n)

  1. a detached particle, drop, globule, dot, spot
  2. (with हिरण्यय (hiraṇyaya)) a pearl
  3. a drop of water taken as a measure
  4. a spot or mark of coloured paint on the body of an elephant
  5. (at the end of a compound also बिन्दुक (binduka)) the dot over a letter representing the anusvara (supposed to be connected with शिव (śiva) and of great mystical importance)
  6. a zero or cypher (in manuscripts put over an erased word to show that it ought not to be erased = "stet")
  7. a particular mark like a dot made in cauterizing
  8. a mark made by the teeth of a lover on the lips of his mistress
  9. a coloured mark made on the forehead between the eyebrows
  10. (in dramatic language) the sudden development of a secondary incident (which, like a drop of oil in water, expands and furnishes an important element in the plot)
  11. name of a man g. बिदादि (bidā-di)
  12. name of an आङ्गिरस (āṅgirasa) (author of RV. 8.83 and 9.30)
  13. name of the author of a रसपद्धति (rasa-paddhati)
  14. (in the plural) name of a warrior tribe g. दामन्यादि (dāmany-ādi)




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