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समाधि (sam-ādhim

  1. putting together, joining or combining with (+ instrumental)
  2. a joint or a particular position of the neck
  3. union, a whole, aggregate, set
  4. completion, accomplishment, conclusion
  5. setting to rights, adjustment, settlement
  6. justification of a statement, proof
  7. bringing into harmony, agreement, assent
  8. intense application or fixing the mind on, intentness, attention
    समाधिं-कृणोति (samādhiṃ-√kṛ) — to attend
  9. samadhi: concentration of the thoughts, profound or abstract meditation, intense contemplation of any particular object (so as to identify the contemplator with the object meditated upon; this is the eighth and last stage of yoga; with Buddhists samadhi is the fourth and last stage of ध्यान (dhyāna) or intense abstract meditation; in the कारण्डव्यूह (kāraṇḍa-vyūha) several samadhi are enumerated)
  10. intense absorption or a kind of trance
  11. a sanctuary or tomb of a saint
  12. (rhetorics) name of various figures of speech (defined as आरोहावरोहक्रम (ārohā-varohakrama), अर्थदृष्टि (artha-dṛṣṭi), अन्यधर्माणाम् (anya-dharmāṇām), अन्यत्राधिरोहण (anyatrā-dhirohaṇa) etc.)
  13. name of the 17th कल्प (kalpa), of the 17th अर्हत् (arhat) of the future उत्सर्पिणी (utsarpiṇī)
  14. name of a Vaishya
  15. silence
  16. a religious vow of intense devotion or self-imposed abstraction
  17. support
  18. upholding
  19. continuance
  20. perseverance in difficulties
  21. attempting impossibilities
  22. collecting or laying up grain in times of dearth
  23. attentive
  24. making a promise or assent or permission