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Old Church Slavonic[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Slavic *kry, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *krouio, from Proto-Indo-European *krewh₂- (blood of a wound).

Balto-Slavic cognates include Lithuanian kraujas, Latvian krevele and Old Prussian krawian. Other Indo-European cognates include Sanskrit क्रविस् (kravis), Ancient Greek κρέας (kréas), Latin cruor, Old English hræw, Old Saxon *hrāo, Dutch rauw, Old High German (German roh), Old Norse hrár (Swedish ) and Old Irish crú.


ⰽⱃⱏⰺ (kryf

  1. blood


Declension of ⰽⱃⱏⰺ Singular Dual Plural
Nominative ⰍⰓⱏⰺ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ
Accusative ⰍⰓⱏⰲⱐ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ
Genitive ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰵ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⱆ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⱏ
Locative ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰵ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⱆ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰰⱈⱏ
Dative ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰰⰿⰰ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰰⰿⱏ
Instrumental ⰍⰓⱏⰲⱐⱙ / ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹⱙ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰰⰿⰰ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰰⰿⰹ
Vocative ⰍⰓⱏⰺ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ ⰍⰓⱏⰲⰹ

Usage notes[edit]

Attested in recently found Psalterium Sinaiticum; in older literature accusative singular кръвь (krŭvĭ) is used as the nominative singular as well.