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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *bēriz (bearing, carrying). Akin to Old Frisian -ber, Old Saxon -bāri, Old High German -bāri (German -bar), Middle Dutch -bare (Dutch -baar).



  1. suffix meaning bearing, having
    cornbǣre "corn-bearing"
    æppelbǣre (fruitful, (lit. apple-bearing))
    wæstmbǣre (fruitful)
  2. having the qualities of, characterized by
    andelbǣre (reverse (adj)", "reversed)
    ātorbǣre (poisonous)
  3. denoting likeness or similarity to
    ceoselbǣre (gravelly, shingly)
    cwealmbǣre (deadly, bloodthirsty, murderous)
  4. producing
    mannbǣre (man-producing", "producing men)