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  1. from (place)
    Magyarországról kaptam egy levelet. - I received a letter from Hungary.
    Leesett a lóról. - He fell from the horse.
  2. off (place)
    Levette a poharat az asztalról. - She took the glass off the table.
    Leszálltak a vonatról. - They got off the train.
  3. from (time)
    napról napra - from day to day
  4. of, about, on
    Sokszor beszél a csáládjáról. - He often talks about his family.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The delative case ending.
  • Member of the following suffix cluster:
    -ról is added to back vowel words
    -ről is added to front vowel words

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