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From Old High German āband, Proto-Germanic *ēbandaz, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *epi (after, behind) → “last part of the day”; compare Low German Avend, Dutch avond, English even (evening), Old Norse aptann, Swedish afton, Norwegian and Danish aften.


Abend m (genitive Abends, plural Abende)

  1. evening; the time from dusk onwards (unlike in English, including the first hours of the night, until midnight)
    heute Abend — “this evening”
    gestern Abend — “last evening”
    morgen Abend — “tomorrow evening”
    Guten Abend! — “Good evening!”
    • 1996 April 30, Patrick Conley, “Die vergessene Tradition”, SFB3:
      Es ist Abend, und vor den Fenstern ihres Wohnzimmers liegt der Central Park in tiefes Dunkel gehüllt.
  2. eve, the day before
    Heiligabend, der Heilige Abend (24. Dezember) — “Holy Night, Christmas Eve (24 December)”
    Sonnabend, der Tag vor Sonntag — “Saturday, the day before Sunday”
  3. The west (poetic, Martin Luther)


Derived terms[edit]