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Arabic alphabet

  1. 28 letters used for writing the Arabic language. Derived from the Phoenician alphabet. The Arabic script has been adopted for use in a wide variety of languages other than Arabic, including Persian, Kurdish, Malay and Urdu.
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Arabic alphabets


Name ا (ʾalif) ب (bāʾ) ت (tāʾ) ث (ṯāʾ) ج (jīm) ح (ḥāʾ) خ (xāʾ) د (dāl) ذ (ḏāl) ر (rāʾ)
Letter alif ba ta tha jim ha kha dal dhal ra
Name ز (zayn) س (sīn) ش (šīn) ص (ṣād) ض (ḍād) ط (ṭāʾ) ظ (ẓāʾ) ع (ʿayn) غ (ġayn) ف (fāʾ)
Letter zayn sin shin Sad Dhad Ta Za ayn ghayn fa
Name ق (qāf) ك (kāf) ل (lām) م (mīm) ن (nūn) ه (hāʾ) و (wāw) ي (yāʾ)    
Letter qaf kaf lam mim nun ha waw ya    
Some letters have an initial, medial and final form.