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KOTUS type 76 (taitaa) NSK type 43 (taitaa) Common type I

The verbs taitaa and tietää only. Conjugation is the same as huutaa, except for alternative irregular forms of the active past participles and third-person present potential, where -tan-/-tän- contracts to -nn-.

See the usage notes in the words' entries for more detail on the alternate forms.


ends with -taa
ends with -tää

Consonant gradation detail[edit]


grade t → d
infinitive I strong taitaa present weak taidan past mutated taisi conditional strong taitaisin potential (regular) strong taitanee imperative strong taitettakoon
past participle (regular) strong taitanut
passive past weak taidettiin

Complete conjugation example highlighting consonant gradation (t → d)[edit]