Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/kahdeksas

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KOTUS type 45 (kahdeksas) NSK type 75 (kahdeksas)

Ordinals ending with -s; consonant gradation in the inflectional stem.

The final -s of the nominative is replaced by -nte- in the inflectional stem; this is subject to ntnn consonant gradation, and becomes -ns- before the plural marker -i-.

Partitive singular ending -tta/-ttä, replacing the -s, partitive plural ending -a/ and genitive plural ending -en.

In ordinals from 11th to 19th the word -toista is simply added after the forms listed below. See e.g. yhdestoista (eleventh)


back vowels
(has a, o, or u)
front vowels
(no a, o, or u)

Consonant gradation detail[edit]


grade nt → nn
nominative kolmas
genitive weak kolmannen
partitive kolmatta
elative weak kolmannesta
illative strong kolmanteen

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (nt → nn)[edit]