Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/ohut

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KOTUS type 43 (ohut) NSK type 73 (airut)

Nominals ending with -ut/-yt; inverse consonant gradation possible.

The inflectional stem replaces the -t with -e-; the -e- is dropped before the plural marker -i-.

Partitive singular ending -ta/-tä attached to the nominative. Partitive plural ending -ta/-tä, genitive plural ending -den/-tten.

Basic declension without consonant gradation[edit]

ends with -ut ends with -yt

Consonant gradation[edit]


grade mm → mp → t
nominative weak immyt neiyt
genitive strong impyen neityen
partitive weak immyttä neiyttä
elative strong impyestä neityestä
illative strong impyeen neityeen

Complete declension example with consonant gradation (mm → mp)[edit]