Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/solakka

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KOTUS type 14 (solakka) NSK type 15 (karahka)

Three-or-more-syllable nominals ending with a long consonant followed by -a/; quantitative consonant gradation.

Essentially the same as the gradationless katiska, except that the illative plural has two forms using either the strong or weak stem.

-a/ of stem changes to -o-/-ö- before plural marker -i-, as for kala. Partitive singular -a/, partitive plural -ta/-tä or -a/, and multiple genitive plural endings.


ends with -a ends with

Consonant gradation detail[edit]


grade kk → k pp → p tt → t
nominative strong harakka ulappa navetta
genitive weak harakan ulapan navetan
partitive strong harakkaa ulappaa navettaa
elative weak harakasta ulapasta navetasta
illative strong harakkaan ulappaan navettaan

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (tt → t)[edit]