Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/kynsi

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KOTUS type 28 (kynsi) NSK types 42–44 (hirsi, jälsi and kansi)

Nominals ending with -nsi/-rsi/-lsi.

The inflectional stem replaces -si with -te-, which is subject to qualitative consonant gradation. Before the plural marker -i-, the -te- reverts to -s-.

Partitive singular ending -ta/-tä, eliding the -e-, partitive plural ending -a/ and genitive plural ending -en.


back vowels
(contains a, o or u)
front vowels
(no a, o or u)

Consonant gradation detail[edit]


grade lt → ll nt → nn rt → rr
nominative jälsi kansi hirsi
genitive weak llen kannen hirren
partitive strong lt kantta hirt
elative weak llestä kannesta hirrestä
illative strong lteen kanteen hirteen

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (rt → rr)[edit]