Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/laatikko

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KOTUS type 4 (laatikko) NSK type 2 (arvelu)

Three-or-more-syllable nominals ending with -kko/-kkö/-tto; quantitative consonant gradation.

Partitive singular -a/, partitive plural -a/ or -ta/-tä, and multiple genitive plural endings. Essentially the same as the gradationless palvelu, except that the illative plural has two forms using either the strong or weak stem.


ends with -o ends with

Consonant gradation detail[edit]


grade kk → k tt → t
nominative strong laatikko pihatto
genitive weak laatikon pihaton
partitive strong laatikkoa pihattoa
elative weak laatikosta pihatosta
illative strong laatikkoon pihattoon

Complete declension example highlighting consonant gradation (tt → t)[edit]