Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/nalle

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KOTUS type 8 (nalle) NSK type 9 (nalle)

Nominals ending with -e; consonant gradation possible.

This simplest form of -e declension is used for personal names, and some nouns representing a form of person (such as nalle – teddybear, nukke – doll, pelle – clown, itse – self). Other -e nominals mainly use the declension type hame.

Partitive ending -a/ and genitive plural ending -en. The declension is the same as valo, except that the alternative genitive plural ending -n is rare, rather than obsolete.

Basic declension without consonant gradation[edit]

back vowels
(contains a, o or u)
front vowels
(no a, o or u)
personal name
back vowels

Consonant gradation[edit]


grade kk → k pp → p tt → t
nominative strong nukke jeppe ringette
genitive weak nuken jepen ringeten
partitive strong nukkea jepp ringett
elative weak nukesta jepestä ringetestä
illative strong nukkeen jeppeen ringetteen

Complete declension example with consonant gradation (kk → k)[edit]