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*Meowth (plural Meowth)

  1. A member of a white cat-like Pokémon species.
    • 2004, Joseph Jay Tobin, Pikachu's global adventure: the rise and fall of Pokémon, Duke University Press, ISBN 9780822332879, page 213:
      It later became aparent that Shahanaz, unaware of who Meowth was, regarded him merely as a cat.
    • 2006, John Kaufeld, Jeremy Smith, Trading Card Games for Dummies, For Dummies, ISBN 9780471754169, page 82:
      Along the way, loads of other monsters have made their way onto the scene, from the fire-breathing dragon Charizard to the water-shooting turtle Squirtle to the smart-mouthed cat Meowth.
    • 2006, Anne Allison, Millennial monsters: Japanese toys and the global imagination, edition illustred, commented, University of California Press, ISBN 9780520245655, page 246:
      [...] Meowth, a cat that is very philisophical in the Japanese version, was made into more of a wisecracker [in the American version].
  2. plural form of Meowth