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From Japanese ミュウツー (Myūtsū), which is a translation from English mew (the sound of a cat) and two, due to the fact that Mewtwo is a clone of a feline Pokémon (whose name is ミュウ (Myū) in Japanese and was subsequently translated into Mew in English), introduced in the Japanese games Pocket Monsters Aka and Pocket Monsters Midori in 1996.

The term Mewtwo also has served as the official Japanese romanization before and after being introduced in English in the North American games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue in 1998.


*Mewtwo (plural Mewtwo or Mewtwos)

  1. Any member of a Pokémon species that is purple, has paranormal powers and tall, bipedal, feline appearance.
  2. plural form of Mewtwo


Usage notes[edit]

The Pokémon franchise uses the plural "Mewtwo".

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A specific Mewtwo, especially when depicted as the only Mewtwo in the world.