Appendix:Portuguese pleonasms

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This is a list of common pleonasms (redundant choices of words) in Portuguese, and their translations.

Brazilian Portuguese[edit]

amanhecer o dia[talk][citations]
to dawn to start the day
comparecer pessoalmente[talk][citations]
to be present in person
elo de ligação[talk][citations]
link that links
encarar de frente[talk][citations]
to face (something) while facing it
fato real[talk][citations]
real fact
goteira no teto[talk][citations]
roof leak in the roof
gritar alto[talk][citations]
to shout loudly
infarto do coração[talk][citations]
heart attack in the heart
metades iguais[talk][citations]
equal halves
sair pra fora[talk][citations]
(informal) to exit to outside
sentar a bunda[talk][citations]
(informal) to sit the buttocks
surpresa inesperada[talk][citations]
unexpected surprise
vereador da cidade[talk][citations]
municipal alderman