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Alternative forms[edit]


  • (Germany) IPA(key): bɪlˈjɛt
  • (Austria) IPA(key): biˈjeː, bɪˈlɛt, biˈjɛt
  • (Switzerland) IPA(key): ˈbɪlɛt, biˈleːt, biˈlɛt


From French billet


Billett n (genitive Billetts or Billettes, plural Billetts or Billette)

  1. (Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria archaic, elsewhere dated) ticket (for train, plane or other means of transportation)
  2. (Switzerland, Austria archaic, elsewhere dated) ticket (for a concert, show, etc.)
  3. (Switzerland, informal) driving licence
  4. (Austria or archaic) a brief piece of writing; a short informal letter; billet
  5. (Austria or archaic) correspondance card, greeting card


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