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Latinized translation of French Bohème, from Late Latin Boiohaemum, compound of Germanic *haimaz (home) (more at home) and Boio- ‘the Boii’, the Celtic tribe previously inhabiting the area. Bohemia was abandoned by the Boii ca. 60 BCE. and settled by the Germanic Marcomanni shortly thereafter.[1] Related to Bavaria.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (geography) Alternative term for Czechia, the lands of the Czech Republic.
  2. (geography, historical) The medieval kingdom of the Czech lands, both as an independent state and as a region and title of the Austrian Empire.

Usage note[edit]

In historical use, Bohemia is sometimes noted as a region of "Germany" but this was due to now-obsolete uses of that name to describe the Holy Roman or Austrian empires. Since the unification of the German states by Prussia in 1871, Bohemia has no longer been considered "German", although its Sudeten region was contested during the World Wars.


Derived terms[edit]


Bohemia (plural Bohemias)

  1. A community of bohemians, unconventional artists or writers.

Alternative forms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]


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