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Here are English adverbs that have a sense of in which they express the manner, way, or style with which something occurs or is performed. They may also have other senses in which they do not behave like manner adverbs. They modify verbs or adjectives, less commonly other adverbs and prepositional phrases. When they modify something other than a verb, what they modify is functioning as a predicate indicating a process or a temporary state (eg mentally ill).

Most manner adverbs are formed by adding -ly to an adjective. Some are identical in form to the corresponding adjective (eg, hard).

If there are no common synonyms by which to define them, they can usually be defined as "in an Adj manner/way", where "Adj" is the corresponding adjective. Often there is a corresponding noun, which allows them to be defined as "with N" where "N" is the corresponding name. Sometimes a circumlocution is necessary or possible.

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