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New words found with citations from wikipedia.

Note that the 'pedia is somewhat self-referential, a given version is not durably archived (unless reference is made to a specific version), and as such the citation(s) may not help meet WT:CFI, others may need to be found. These are also sometimes mention rather than use.

Citation entries automatically disappear from this category when the corresponding main name-space entry is created. (Or, rather, they should; but the MW software isn't doing it; doing some edit to {{cite wikipedia}} will purge them all.)

Note on how things arrive here: this category is added by {{cite wikipedia}}. These are (presently) added by semi-automation run by User:Robert Ullmann, with entries manually screened. Some are forms that are missing, these include cases in which the forms have variant meanings. (E.g., although not included here, throes is more than the plural of throe.) There are some words that are quite obscure or dubious, but the bogosities have for the most part been screened out. There is an occasional neologism: Citations:plamodel. Words from fictional universes are avoided, as they take a great deal of research to see if they have independent use: e.g. ansible. If the citation shows the 'pedia has mis-used or misspelled a term, it would be kind to edit the entry there ... a number of spelling errors there have been fixed whilst screening.

Any entry here that is wrong can simply be deleted (or tagged with {{delete}}), given that it is still only the single WP citation. There is no need to send it to RFD/O.

This isn't a "cleanup" list, it is a resource that can be mined for new entries.

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