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English citations of Fluffy

Proper noun: a fictional three-headed dog[edit]

  • 2000 April 20, Justin Palmer <>, "Re: Which anime has been shown on TV?", message-ID <y8TVrHAnSz$>,, Usenet link:
    Yes. Along with suffering from an unprecedented cold snap, it would appear the traditional three headed dog has gone missing. Apparently, it answers to the name of "Fluffy... " ^_^
  • 2002 August 12, Chani, "Re: Atheists and Lack of Faith", message-ID <>, alt.atheism, Usenet link:
    Well then, you have never been to Hogworts[sic], I see!! :-) Of course, that three headed dog was names[sic] Fluffy.
  • 2004 May 29, Leda <>, "Re: The nerve!!!", message-ID <>, alt.penpals.rejects, Usenet link:
    I thought Fluffy was a three headed dog.........
  • 2005 June 8, Cheeze <>, "Re: Renaming My Dog", message-ID <>, soc.culture.filipino, Usenet link:
    Another good name for a three headed dog is Fluffy. :-)