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English citations of Sirius Black and Sirius

Proper noun: the character of Harry Potter[edit]

  • 2003 June 19, Jeremy Spinrad <>, "Re: Sam Sloan is a crossposting asshole!", message-ID <bct5r8$ao0$>,, Usenet link:
    So Sam Sloan is really Clifford? Sort of puts a whole new spin on those stories. Who is the big black dog? Is Sirius Black really a member of the Redman gang, and will this be revealed in book 5? Around here we also have yellow dogs, which I understand are known as blue dogs in Texas, and are actually a variety of donkey; which side are they on and how do they feel about Mensa districts?
  • 2006 January 5, kenm47 <>, "Re: Ever wish someone else ran Buffy?", message-ID <>,, Usenet link:
    Nope. Still do not see a Sirius Black/Spike connection at all. If Sirius has any analog in Buffy it would be Giles IMO.(As I think further, even that's a stretch)
  • 2007 October 26, aine <>, "Re: Selene is particularly breathtaking tonight.", message-ID <>, alt.religion.wicca, Usenet link:
    Sirius Black is but a dream away. He is suppose[sic] to be black dog, but he is[sic] black wolf. Thats my will, it is done.

Proper noun: a name given to male dogs[edit]

  • 2004 August 29, KWBrown <>, "Re: Introducing....", message-ID <Xns9554B63BBF932arfenarfhotmailcom@>, rec.pets.dogs.behavior, Usenet link:
    I sort of hate the "following the pack" aspect to naming a dog "Sirius Black," but it is such a *fantabulous* name for a Flat-Coat in so many ways, and I'm such a fan of the character, that it's very very tempting.
  • 2006 April 22, angrie.woman <>, "Re: how my life has changed", message-ID <e2dief$fh6$>,, Usenet link:
    The dog named Sirius Black and the cat named Super Mario were both named by my kids.