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English citations of colonyhood

1869 1937
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  • 1869, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Explorations of the highlands of the Brazil, page 157:
    Within the life of a middle-aged man she has risen from colonyhood to the puberty of a mighty Empire, and history records few instances of such rapid and regular progress.
  • 1937, Robert Bechtold Heilman, America in English Fiction 1760 to 1800, ISBN 1417984309, page 404:
    Berkeley Hall (1796) indicates the tolerance of America in the fact that it harbors Dr. Sourby, whose "political liberty bordered on licentiousness and anarchy"; and then, since its purported composition in days of happy colonyhood eliminates dicussion of the existent situation, the book has course to prophecy [...]
  • 1947, Charles Barrett, The Sunlit Land: Wanderings in Queensland, page 10:
    But Moreton Bay District had long years of waiting for freedom from the Mother Colony's apronstrings— for separation from New South Wales and the dignity of colonyhood.
  • 1986, Carter Harman, The West Indies, page 15:
    Puerto Rico was still testing a novel and daring way out of the doldrums of colonyhood.
  • 2009, Donald Olsen, Frommer's Vancouver and Victoria 2010, ISBN 0470507357:
    With colonyhood (and a big gold rush) came colonists, lots of them English and Scots, who imported British customs and brought a kind of domesticating old-world sensibility to their wild, new-world home.