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English: "auditory"[edit]

  • 1910, William Hope Hodgson, "The Whistling Room"
    "All this time, every night, and sometimes most of each night, the hooning whistling of the Room was intolerable. It was as if an intelligence there knew that steps were being taken against it, and piped and hooned in a sort of mad, mocking contempt.
  • 1966, Christina Stead, Dark places of the heart, page 278
    Black flashing storms, the lowings and bellowings of the old sanded forest, the whistling and hooning of nameless birds, the lonesome moons, the weird fifteen-foot stone dwellers of the Old Priory, soft grassy slopes on which lovers lay,...
  • 2012, Traci Harding, The Light-Field, page 88
    Zeven let loose a hooning howl of approval.