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English citations of seter

a terrace? which natural? or man-made? or either?[edit]

  • 1906, Eduard Suess, The Face of the Earth (Das Antlitz der Erde), page 479:
    The lowest important terrace, known as Sherbrooke-street terrace, lies at a height of 36-6 meters in the Leda clay; the next, Waterwork terrace, at a height of 67 meters, is excavated in the lower Silurian limestone, and I am not sure whether it should not be regarded as a seter.
  • 2003, The Large Wavelength Deformations of the Lithosphere (ISBN 0813711967), page 227
    As far as Suess could see from the existing maps and from the aneroid that he had wisely brought with him, the seters are also horizontal. Nowhere did Suess see any marine fossils on the seters, and neither had anybody else before him.

probably "summer pasture"[edit]

  • 1983, Edda: A Collection of Essays (Robert James Glendinning), page 172:
    [] just west of this area a river flows through a narrow ravine, and this river quite likely once bore the same name as the seters.