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English citations of shitpost

Noun: "(Internet, slang, vulgar, pejorative) a worthless post on a messageboard, newsgroup, or other online discussion platform"[edit]

1994 1996 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008
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  • 1994 16 July, psychedlic.rat [username], “RE:pbmtofig1.0.tar.Z”,, Usenet:
    BTW, that was an extremely annoying SHITpost. If you want to send people ecrypted messages why don't you try direct e-mail?
  • 1996 29 October, BINKy [username], “Re: I'm getting bored”,, Usenet:
    How is it, all you *would be* flame *specialists*, have to bring a sexual dimension into your shitpost.
  • 1999 15 April, Maquesta Kar-Thon [username], “What exactly is going on in this newsgroup nowadays?”,, Usenet:
    Leaves me to wonder after racism, nonsense and shitposts
  • 1999 3 July, R. Fransway, “Re: About referring to AA/NA as a Cult”,, Usenet:
    By not saying "no" to such incompetents, the newsgoup succumbs to an inordinate amount of shitposts, flamewars, and other types of associated narcissistic fallout.
  • 2000 23 February, Ylva & Thomas, “Why is it”,, Usenet:
    that for every BHS-related post there is three to a million shitposts?
  • 2000 17 March, Ray Grant, “Re: Velian - 13 posts, well done...”,, Usenet:
    That knucklehead just pissed me off, thirteen damn negative shitposts, so I felt obliged to step into Hell to smack an unrully[sic] demon (though I dont do it often).
  • 2001 27 January, Eddie, “But this is better”,, Usenet:
    Every time you see a "here's how to get rich" shitpost, put some cash in the bank. After 6 months, marvel at how much you've suddenly managed to save.....
  • 2001 23 February, Kotta [username], “Re: New Cd- no new news”,, Usenet:
    I agree that he's also made loads of shitposts and trolling, but the difference between you and me is that I also recognize when he (or anyone else trolling for that matter) raises a valid point.
  • 2001 12 September, russ p, “Re: Sick Scene in Palestine.”, calgary.general, Usenet:
    whoops, another shitpost by rob - almost missed this one :)
  • 2002 17 January, mrx [username], “Re: What's happening to this group?”, alt.arts.bujinkan, Usenet:
    After reading paul Bik's shitpost tonight, I must say that I am truly, genuinely bored with "neo-bullshit artists" a/or chakkites.
  • 2003 27 June, Khayman [username], “Re: UK Info Disk”, alt.hacker, Usenet:
    [] why don't you look somewhere else instead of polluting my newsreader with your godforsken shitpost?
  • 2003 14 August, Khayman [username], “Re: I need exploit for RPC send me”, alt.hacker, Usenet:
    Post one more shitpost here you miserable little worm and I will make sure that all possible companies hiring in Krakow will know that you are nothing but a little shitface trying to crack other people's computers.
  • 2004 12 February, cunt [username], “how to make your valentines day ROCK”,, Usenet:
    found via some christian shitpost.
  • 2004 26 February, Us [username], “Re: Know Winning Lottery Numbers Before You Play!”, comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc, Usenet:
    Hey, I was impressed. I read the whole shitpost for the first time... I never realised, ppl actually buy this crap.
  • 2005 11 February, silicondoc [username], “Re: Hannity on Gannon”,, Usenet:
    Harry, I guess you're just a democrat queer, who is too lazy to do anything other than copy the same lame shitpost you tried the first time.
  • 2006 21 September, wcb [username], “Death to Gandy's repeat lies, repeat lies, repeat lies.”, alt.agnosticism, Usenet:
    Why all teh scream, shrieking incomeopetnt[sic] net bullies attach themselves to ME I do not know, but I will not spend YEARS fighting YIU and teh 1001 stupid shits you cram in each shrieking shitpost you shit out.
  • 2008 12 November, CHUCK_key, “Re: 145 days of Nostra”,, Usenet:
    It'll make the newsgroups much easier to navigate when you don't see shitposts all over the place.

Verb: "(Internet, slang, vulgar, pejorative) to make a worthless post on messageboard, newsgroup, or other online discussion platform"[edit]

2002 2008 2011
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  • 2002 26 July, Patrick Heinze, “Re: OT -- Posting”,, Usenet:
    Maybe you should read the whole fucking thread before posting such crap! There are arguments against top or bottom posting...even if after reading the thread you decide to keep shitposting, you should not say its trivial!
  • 2008 24 January, Two Beans [username], “So I'm sitting here at work with nothing to do...”, alt.slack, Usenet:
    ..and I'm just musing that you taxpayers in the United States are now paying me to shitpost on alt.slack.
  • 2008 31 July, eric gisse, “Re: Hypersphere: Hidden dimension”,, Usenet:
    I cannot wait until summer ends and you have to go back to middle school so you no longer have time to shitpost 50 times a day.
  • 2011 3 August, eric gisse, “Re: Where is the Physics Behind Einstein's Second Postulate?”, sci.physics.relativity, Usenet:
    Every time you ask him if he understands, the answer is 'no'. He's been not understanding relativity at an advanced level for the past decade, so there's no point in arguing with him. Just let him shitpost endlessly to an empty room.