Dos a Dos

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Alternative forms[edit]


From French dos à dos (back to back), from dos (back) (from Latin dorsum (back)) and à (from Latin ad (to)


Dos a Dos (uncountable)

  1. A move in square dancing in which two dancers face each other, then step forward and left until they have right shoulders adjacent, then move to a position where they are back to back, then move to have left shoulders adjacent, then return to facing each other.

Usage notes[edit]

Square dancing is called in English everywhere except in parts of French Canada. This square dance move is one of the oldest, and as a term which came over from another language, over the years it has been spelled many ways in English, including Dos a Dos, Dosado, Do-Sa-Do, Dosido, and Do-Si-Do. Note that none of these is quite the same as the original French phrase.

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