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  1. International Bartenders Association
  2. Important Bird Area
  3. Incinerator bottom ash
  4. Independent Broadcasting Authority
  5. Indole-3-butyric acid - auxin, a plant "Rooting hormone"
  6. InfiniBand Architecture
  7. Institute of Business Administration
  8. Interceptor Body Armor
  9. International Bank of Asia
  10. International Bodyboarding Association
  11. International Boxing Association (amateur)
  12. International Boxing Association (professional)
  13. International Bryozoology Association
  14. International Business Alliance
  15. Ion beam analysis, an analytical technique
  16. Iron Butt Association
  17. Israel Broadcasting Authority
  18. International Basketball Association
  19. International Bar Association
  20. International Bartender Association, which set out IBA Official Cocktail regulation

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