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The name Londinium is thought to be pre-Roman (and possibly pre-Celtic) in origin although there has been no consensus on what it means. It was common practice for Romans to adopt native names for new settlements. A common theory is that it derives from a hypothetical Celtic placename Londinion which was probably derived from the personal name Londinos, from the word lond meaning 'wild'.

Proper noun[edit]

Londīnium n sg (genitive Londīniī, locative Londīniī); second declension

  1. London
  2. accusative of Londīnium
  3. vocative of Londīnium


Second declension neuter with locative.

Number Singular
nominative Londīnium
genitive Londīniī
dative Londīniō
accusative Londīnium
ablative Londīniō
vocative Londīnium
locative Londīniī