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From German Low German. Akin to, and possibly borrowed from, Dutch pak.


Pack m, n (genitive Packs or Packes, plural Packs or Packe)

  1. package, bundle, bunch, (unwieldy) bag

Usage notes[edit]

  • The plural Packs is more common in speech. The plural Packe is more common in writing.
  • The noun is predominantly masculine. At least regionally, it also occurs as a neuter. (For the always neuter noun meaning “rabble”, see below.)


Derived terms[edit]


Pack n (genitive Packs or Packes, no plural)

  1. (pejorative or humorous) rabble, mob, vermin, rascals
    Pack schlägt sich, Pack verträgt sich.
    Rascals beat each other up and rascals make up again.
    Die Fans von [...] sind ein dreckiges Pack!
    The supporters of [football club] are dirty vermin!