Quran believer

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Alternative forms[edit]

  • Koran believer, Koran-believer, Qur'an believer.


Quran believer (plural Quran believers)

  1. A Muslim who believes in the inerrancy of the Quran
    • 1997, Masykuri Abdullah, Responses of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals to the Concept of Democracy (1966-1993)
      Rasjidi says that the opinion is not that of the Qur'an believer []
    • 2000, Gregory Greenman, Re: Atheism has invaded my home Group: alt.religion.christian
      I'm discussing the bible because I'm talking to a bible believer. If I were talking to a quran believer, I'd discuss the quran
    • 2000, neo, Re: Atheist Debate Tactics Group: alt.christnet.evangelical
      [] Koran believer might justify murder because of passages like thou shalt worship no gods before me, or passages in the Koran which INSTRUCT worshippers to kill infidels
    • 2003, Paul Abeles, Bush loses war against terror Group: alt.politics.usa
      Now George is that too difficult for you to understand? In every Koran believer lurks a potential terrorist. There needs to be an international enquiry into the doctrines of Islam.
    • 2003, Gandhi Marg - Volume 25, Page 343
      He was as faimiliar with the Bible as the Quran believer.
    • 2004, Grain of Sand, Re: Why do they hate us? Group: talk.politics.misc
      You miss the point. Islam, at it's core, is a violent religion. There is absolutely no tolerance of the non-Muslim for the true Koran believer.
    • 2006, Nolan, Re: Discussion on Islam and Science: Human Embryonic Development Group: alt.religion.islam
      Since the Quran is supposed to be 'untouched by human hands', so to speak, dictated entirely by Gabriel to Muhammad (on Muhammad's testimony only), the smallest mistake is a catastrophe for Quran believers.
    • 2006, Deckard, Re: Quotes and quotes BKK Post vs The Nation Group: soc.culture.thai
      I suspect that he just claims that he is not a Quran believer because he drinks beer.
    • 2008, Jorge Gracia, A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages, Page 199
      Yet for a Koran-believer, even that will not be enough, since that One must be the source of the very being of all that is, and not simply the motion of a pre-existing universe
    • 2010, Ross Wenger, Allah Is Not God and Muhammad Is the Messenger of Allah: The Qur'an Against The World
      The next chapter concerns that which makes a Qur'an believer.