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RV (plural RVs or RV's)

  1. (automotive) recreational vehicle
  2. (space science) reentry vehicle
  3. Revised Version
  4. residual volume
  5. (medicine) rectal varicosity
  6. (military) rendez-vous, usually in RV point, a position where units are to meet.
    • 2007 Pte John Catterson, Army The Soldiers Newspaper, The Australian Army (Retrieved 14 July 2009)
      Once all mounted up, the two multiples sped off to the emergency RV point.

Derived terms[edit]


RV (third-person singular simple present RVs or RV's, present participle RVing or RV'ing or RV-ing, simple past and past participle RVed or RV'd or RV'ed)

  1. To travel in a recreational vehicle.