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Rhymes » Finnish » -eh-

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-eh- - - - - - -ehj- -ehk- - - - - - -ehm- -ehn- - - - -ehr- - - - - - -eht- - - - -ehʋ-

Rhymes starting with -eh-[edit]

ɑ ɑː ɑi ɑu e ei eu i iu o oi ou u ui
  -ehɑ -ehɑː - - -ehe -eheː - - -ehi -ehiː - -eho -ehoː -ehoi - -ehu -ehuː -ehui
  -ehæ -ehæː - - -ehe -eheː - - -ehi -ehiː - -ehø -ehøː -ehøi - -ehy -ehyː -ehyi
-n -ehɑn -ehɑːn -ehɑin -ehɑun -ehen -eheːn -ehein -eheun -ehin -ehiːn -ehiun -ehon -ehoːn -ehoin -ehoun -ehun -ehuːn -ehuin
-n -ehæn -ehæːn -ehæin -ehæyn -ehen -eheːn -ehein -eheyn -ehin -ehiːn -ehiyn -ehøn -ehøːn -ehøin -ehøyn -ehyn -ehyːn -ehyin
-t -ehɑt -ehɑːt -ehɑit -ehɑut -ehet -eheːt -eheit -eheut -ehit -ehiːt -ehiut -ehot -ehoːt -ehoit -ehout -ehut -ehuːt -ehuit
-t -ehæt -ehæːt -ehæit -ehæyt -ehet -eheːt -eheit -eheyt -ehit -ehiːt -ehiyt -ehøt -ehøːt -ehøit -ehøyt -ehyt -ehyːt -ehyit