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From Semite +‎ -ism


Semitism (countable and uncountable, plural Semitisms)

  1. (uncountable) Religion, culture and customs of the Jewish people.
  2. (uncountable) Religion, culture and customs of Semites (peoples of southwestern Asia including Assyrians, Jewss, and Arabs).
    • 1987, Near East/South Asia Report, issue 87044, page 39:
      It is clear that there is an alliance between the Atlantist Americans and British directed against the Arab nation, against Islam, against Arab semitism.
    • 2000, Alessandro Bausani, Religion in Iran: From Zoroaster to Baha'Ullah,page 131:
      The first, which could be termed "racist," consists in taking for granted an abstract, Arab "Semitism" which gave rise to Islam and which would have been constitutionally incapable of admitting ideas such as those of incarnation or emanation []
  3. Word or idiom of the Jewish vocabulary; word or phrase influenced by Hebrew or Aramaic. (Compare Hebraism.)
    • 1907, James Alan Montgomery, The Samaritans, the earliest Jewish sect: their history, theology and literature, page 315:
      To this period, and as its greatest monument, we have to assign the Samaritan Targum; vernacular Semitism was again raising its head against Hellenic influence, and asserted to itself the right of translating into the vernacular the obsolete []
  4. (uncountable) Religion, culture and customs of adherents of Abrahamic religions.


  • 1996, Kashyap Marg, Anwar Shaikh: Greek Mysticism, soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmir, Usenet:
    If, the Greeks had borrowed these precepts from the Middle East as their advocates think under the influence of Christianity, they would have believed in a Creator God, the hallmark of Semitism.
  • 1996, Ian Samuels, Re: Alexander Heads South, soc.history.what-if, Usenet:
    The "Hellenistic" influences on these regions, especially in later antiquity, would probably consist of Persian dualism leavened with a liberal does of Ethiopian Semitism[.]
  • 1999, Nishee, Re: Freedom is under siege in soc.culture.lebanon, Usenet:
    Here we go with Pan-Semitism. Of course Pan-Semetism excludes Hebrew. That is an understood unless you are going to portray the Hebrews and their languages as being Arabs, then you can include Hebrew. I am not for Pan-Semitism with or without Hebrew.
  • 1999, PPT, Re: Expanding the Empire With Conversion / by Sultan Shahin, soc.culture.indian, Usenet:
    Very Good article but an equally bad finish arising from the hugely mistaken belief that there is something inherently beautiful about the Semitic religions less its killer conversion zeal. Hindus have to take up the urgent task of reconverting the victims of Semitism
  • 1987, Martin Kramer, Shi'ism, resistance and revolution, page 22:
    In a Europe which was obsessed by race, some saw the division as one between Semites and Aryans, the Sunnis representing the Semitism of Arabian Islam, the Shi'a representing the upsurge of Aryan Iran
  • 2002, "Freethought110" (username), Re: Why I AM Not A Christian - Russell Group, talk.religion.bahai, Usenet:
    A sword to beat civilization into a crass form of desert semitism and 1400 years later a group of demented terrorists crashing planes into the World Trade Center.
  • 2008, Carl Raschke, GloboChrist (The Church and Postmodern Culture), page 111:
    [] their purpose in history can never be reconciled with that of Islamic Semitism.
  • 2010, Thomas Paul Bonfiglio, Mother Tongues and Nations, page 178:
    In copying the Hindu traditions, Christian Semitism added whatever it wanted []
  • 2013, Bernard Lewis, Islam in History, page 276:
    [] the Aryanism of Iran in generous revolt against the alien and constricting Semitism of Arabian Islam.

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