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Requests for cleanupRequests for cleanup (American Sign Language headword line)Requests for cleanup (Galician verb form)
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Requests for quotation/1947, ''My Favorite Brunette'' (film)Requests for quotation/A. BrewerRequests for quotation/A. Chalmers
Requests for quotation/A. J. EllisRequests for quotation/A. Ross (1778)Requests for quotation/A. Seward
Requests for quotation/A. SmithRequests for quotation/A. StaffordRequests for quotation/A. Tucker
Requests for quotation/A. WoodRequests for quotation/AbbottRequests for quotation/Abney
Requests for quotation/Abraham CowleyRequests for quotation/Addis & ArnoldRequests for quotation/Addison
Requests for quotation/Aelius HerodianusRequests for quotation/Aelius SpartianusRequests for quotation/Aeschylus
Requests for quotation/Afonso Anes do CotomRequests for quotation/AgassixRequests for quotation/Agassiz
Requests for quotation/AinsworthRequests for quotation/AkensideRequests for quotation/Alcman
Requests for quotation/Alexander Mansfield BurrillRequests for quotation/Alexander PopeRequests for quotation/Alexandre Herculano
Requests for quotation/Am. CycRequests for quotation/Anderson (1573)Requests for quotation/Andocides
Requests for quotation/AndrewsRequests for quotation/Anna Eliza GrayRequests for quotation/Anne Marsh-Caldwell
Requests for quotation/AnstedRequests for quotation/Anthony BurgessRequests for quotation/Apollonius Dyscolus
Requests for quotation/ApuleiusRequests for quotation/ArbuthnotRequests for quotation/Arch. Pub. Soc.
Requests for quotation/Archbishop AbbotRequests for quotation/Archbishop BramhallRequests for quotation/Archbishop John Potter
Requests for quotation/Archbishop SandysRequests for quotation/AristophanesRequests for quotation/Aristotle
Requests for quotation/ArtemidorusRequests for quotation/Arthur Conan DoyleRequests for quotation/Arthur Gamgee
Requests for quotation/Arthur WilsonRequests for quotation/AschamRequests for quotation/Ash
Requests for quotation/AshmoleRequests for quotation/AthenaeusRequests for quotation/Atterbury
Requests for quotation/AudreyRequests for quotation/AudsleyRequests for quotation/Augustine of Hippo
Requests for quotation/Aulus Cornelius CelsusRequests for quotation/Aulus GelliusRequests for quotation/Ayliffe
Requests for quotation/B. DawsonRequests for quotation/B. EdwardsRequests for quotation/B. G. Wilder
Requests for quotation/B. JonsonRequests for quotation/B. TaylorRequests for quotation/Bacon
Requests for quotation/BaileyRequests for quotation/BaleRequests for quotation/Balfour
Requests for quotation/Balfour (Cyc. of Ind.)Requests for quotation/Balfour (Cyc. of India)Requests for quotation/Balfour (Cyc of India)
Requests for quotation/BancroftRequests for quotation/Banister (1578)Requests for quotation/Baret
Requests for quotation/BarhamRequests for quotation/BarlowRequests for quotation/Barrow
Requests for quotation/BartlettRequests for quotation/BastianRequests for quotation/Baxter
Requests for quotation/BayneRequests for quotation/BeaconsfieldRequests for quotation/Beattie
Requests for quotation/BeaumontRequests for quotation/Beaumont and FletcherRequests for quotation/Beck
Requests for quotation/BellRequests for quotation/Ben JonsonRequests for quotation/Bentley
Requests for quotation/BerkeleyRequests for quotation/Berliner griechische UrkundenRequests for quotation/Bernard Pyne Grenfell
Requests for quotation/BescherelleRequests for quotation/BibleRequests for quotation/Bible, Deuteronomy
Requests for quotation/Bible, Ezra ii. 69Requests for quotation/Bible, Genesis vi. 14Requests for quotation/Bible, Genesis xxx. 37
Requests for quotation/Bible, Isa. xlvii. 3Requests for quotation/Bible, Jer. iii. 9Requests for quotation/Bible, Leviticus xv. 24
Requests for quotation/Bible, Leviticus xviii. 22Requests for quotation/Bible/Douay VersionRequests for quotation/Bible/King James Version
Requests for quotation/Bible/WycliffeRequests for quotation/Bible (Douay version), Mark xv. 42Requests for quotation/Bishop Burnet
Requests for quotation/Bishop FellRequests for quotation/Bishop FisherRequests for quotation/Bishop Gardiner
Requests for quotation/Bishop GaudenRequests for quotation/Bishop GibsonRequests for quotation/Bishop Hacket
Requests for quotation/Bishop HallRequests for quotation/Bishop J. King (1608)Requests for quotation/Bishop Joseph Butler
Requests for quotation/Bishop KingRequests for quotation/Bishop MontaguRequests for quotation/Bishop Morton
Requests for quotation/Bishop PeacockRequests for quotation/Bishop PearsonRequests for quotation/Bishop Stillingfleet
Requests for quotation/Bishop StoryRequests for quotation/Bishop WarburtonRequests for quotation/Bishop Watson
Requests for quotation/Bishop WilkinsRequests for quotation/Bishop WrenRequests for quotation/Blackmore
Requests for quotation/BlackstoneRequests for quotation/BlackwallRequests for quotation/Blakely
Requests for quotation/BlountRequests for quotation/BolingbrokeRequests for quotation/Booth
Requests for quotation/BoswellRequests for quotation/BouleRequests for quotation/Bouvier
Requests for quotation/BoyleRequests for quotation/BoyseRequests for quotation/Bradford
Requests for quotation/BramhallRequests for quotation/BrandeRequests for quotation/Brande & C
Requests for quotation/Brande & C.Requests for quotation/BrathwaitRequests for quotation/Brevint
Requests for quotation/BrewerRequests for quotation/Brit. PharmRequests for quotation/Brockett
Requests for quotation/BromeRequests for quotation/BroomeRequests for quotation/Bryant
Requests for quotation/BrydgesRequests for quotation/BryskettRequests for quotation/Buchanan
Requests for quotation/BuckRequests for quotation/BucklandRequests for quotation/Buckle
Requests for quotation/BuffonRequests for quotation/BullarRequests for quotation/Bullokar
Requests for quotation/BunyanRequests for quotation/BurkeRequests for quotation/Burns
Requests for quotation/BurrillRequests for quotation/BurtonRequests for quotation/Busby
Requests for quotation/ByronRequests for quotation/C. A. YoungRequests for quotation/C. C. Felton
Requests for quotation/C. HallockRequests for quotation/C. KingsleyRequests for quotation/C. Reade
Requests for quotation/C. Richardson (Dict.)Requests for quotation/C. S. MinotRequests for quotation/C. S. Sargent
Requests for quotation/C. SmartRequests for quotation/Caelius AurelianusRequests for quotation/Caldwell
Requests for quotation/CamdenRequests for quotation/CampbellRequests for quotation/Campbell (Dict. Mil. Sci.)
Requests for quotation/CarewRequests for quotation/CarletonRequests for quotation/Carlyle
Requests for quotation/CarpenterRequests for quotation/CassiodorusRequests for quotation/Cassius Dio
Requests for quotation/Cato the ElderRequests for quotation/CattonRequests for quotation/Cavendish
Requests for quotation/CaxtonRequests for quotation/ChalmersRequests for quotation/Chambers
Requests for quotation/ChapmanRequests for quotation/Charles DarwinRequests for quotation/Charles Dibdin
Requests for quotation/Charles DickensRequests for quotation/Charles IRequests for quotation/Charles Kingsley
Requests for quotation/Charles LambRequests for quotation/ChaucerRequests for quotation/Chesterfield
Requests for quotation/CheyneRequests for quotation/ChillingworthRequests for quotation/Churchill
Requests for quotation/CiceroRequests for quotation/ClarendonRequests for quotation/Clarke
Requests for quotation/ClaytonRequests for quotation/Clerke (1637)Requests for quotation/Cleveland
Requests for quotation/CockeramRequests for quotation/CockermanRequests for quotation/Coke
Requests for quotation/ColeridgeRequests for quotation/ColesRequests for quotation/Colgrave
Requests for quotation/CollierRequests for quotation/CollinsRequests for quotation/Colman & Carrick
Requests for quotation/ColumellaRequests for quotation/CongreveRequests for quotation/Cooley
Requests for quotation/CoombeRequests for quotation/CooperRequests for quotation/Cornelius Nepos
Requests for quotation/Corpus Glossariorum LatinorumRequests for quotation/Corpus Inscriptionum LatinarumRequests for quotation/Cotgrave
Requests for quotation/CottonRequests for quotation/CoventryRequests for quotation/Coverdale
Requests for quotation/CowellRequests for quotation/CowleyRequests for quotation/Cowper
Requests for quotation/CoxeRequests for quotation/CrabbRequests for quotation/Crabbe
Requests for quotation/CraigRequests for quotation/CranmerRequests for quotation/Crashaw
Requests for quotation/CreechRequests for quotation/CrewRequests for quotation/Croft
Requests for quotation/CudworthRequests for quotation/CussansRequests for quotation/D. M. Wallace
Requests for quotation/D. WebsterRequests for quotation/DalgarnoRequests for quotation/Dampier
Requests for quotation/DanaRequests for quotation/DanielRequests for quotation/Daniel Defoe
Requests for quotation/DaniellRequests for quotation/DarwinRequests for quotation/Davenant
Requests for quotation/DaviesRequests for quotation/Davies (Holy Roode)Requests for quotation/Davies (Microcosmos)
Requests for quotation/Davies (Wit's Pilgr.)Requests for quotation/DawkinsRequests for quotation/DeColange
Requests for quotation/De ColangeRequests for quotation/De FoeRequests for quotation/De Quincey
Requests for quotation/DeckerRequests for quotation/DefoeRequests for quotation/Demosthenes
Requests for quotation/DenhamRequests for quotation/DennisRequests for quotation/Derham
Requests for quotation/Deut. xvii. 1Requests for quotation/DibdinRequests for quotation/Dickens
Requests for quotation/DigbyRequests for quotation/Diomedes GrammaticusRequests for quotation/Dionysius Thrax
Requests for quotation/Dionysius of HalicarnassusRequests for quotation/DonneRequests for quotation/Douce
Requests for quotation/DowningRequests for quotation/Dr. Castell (1673)Requests for quotation/Dr. Favour
Requests for quotation/Dr. GaudenRequests for quotation/Dr. H. HartshorneRequests for quotation/Dr. H. Mere
Requests for quotation/Dr. H. MoreRequests for quotation/Dr. J. ScottRequests for quotation/Dr. John Smith
Requests for quotation/Dr. PriorRequests for quotation/Dr. R. ClerkeRequests for quotation/Dr. Sheridan
Requests for quotation/Dr. T. DwightRequests for quotation/Dr. W. SmithRequests for quotation/Dr. Walker (1678)
Requests for quotation/DrantRequests for quotation/DraytonRequests for quotation/Drummond
Requests for quotation/DrydenRequests for quotation/DrytonRequests for quotation/Dugdale
Requests for quotation/Duke of ArgyllRequests for quotation/Duke of BuckinghamRequests for quotation/Dunglison
Requests for quotation/DwightRequests for quotation/DyerRequests for quotation/E. Darwin
Requests for quotation/E. EverettRequests for quotation/E. ForbesRequests for quotation/E. Hall
Requests for quotation/E. P. WhippleRequests for quotation/E. PhillipsRequests for quotation/E. Robinson
Requests for quotation/E. TerryRequests for quotation/E. WaterhouseRequests for quotation/Eadie
Requests for quotation/EarleRequests for quotation/EarlyRequests for quotation/East