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This page needs some work. Especially the adjective section. I don't think any of these are adjectives, especially "mark used as signature". But where should that go? Is it English only? I don't think it's any part of speech but it certainly belongs in the dictionary. Also with Roman numerals, should they be under the Latin heading? Translingual? Each language which uses them? Or should we have a special "Numerical" language heading in the same vein as our "Translingual"?

Since I've found that Russian uses "икс" for "x", the unknown quantity, it seems to be used as a noun modifier, which is how English seems to used it in phrases like "an X film", "an X rating", "X-rated".

But do the Russians actually spell out the "икс"? I know that in Slovak we pronounce the 'x' as "iks", just as in English it is pronounced as "eks" but it is never actually spelled that way. And since "икс" is just "iks" written in Cyrillic, I am wondering if it is an actual word, or just an explanation on how the letter 'x' is to be pronounced... --Red Prince 03:06, 26 Apr 2004 (UTC)
I was surprised when I found it for the first time. I thought they'd just use a Cyrillic letter. Yevgeniy Zamyatin's novel, "Мы" uses "икс" throughout and it even seems to be inflected. A Google search also turns up a bunch of things like "Zone X", "Зона ИКС". Interestingly, in the same novel, all of the characters names are letters and numbers. In the English translation they are all Latin letters but in the original Russian some are Latin and some are Cyrillic. — Hippietrail 05:19, 26 Apr 2004 (UTC)
Interesting. I suppose they do it because they want to stick to their own Cyrillic alphabet, which does not have the letter x (they have the х but that is akin to the Greek chi rather than the Latin eks).--Red Prince 05:27, 26 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Unknown variables in Arabic[edit]

I added here X (س siin) only but for Y and Z, as unknown variables, ص (Saad) for Y and ع3ayn) for Z are used in Arabic. --Anatoli 03:22, 26 October 2009 (UTC)