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I do not disagree that didactic is to do with teaching, but I sense that it is to do with a particular form of teaching. Didactic teaching is to do with 'declaration of truths' rather than exploring the ambiguities associated with a topic. Therefore didactic teaching is more appropriate for pure subjects (for example mathematics and physics) where the inherent systems are known and defined but less suitable (and deprecated) in such areas as management.


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too complicated! what does 'treatise' mean? (the entry for 'treatise' is too complicated too!) wiktionary needs to be simplified! 9 out of 10 entries on this website are too complicated for a normal person to comprehend! i shouldn't have to look up the definition!

Have you considered using Simple Wiktionary [1]? It uses smaller, easier words. Equinox 00:56, 9 November 2009 (UTC)


In this article it's used as a noun.