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This template is used for cross-references in Appendix:Na'vi.


{{NaviSA}} accepts up to five positional arguments each of which should be a headword in the dictionary. The template produces a list of these arguments where each word points to the corresponding definition.

Additionally, the following optional, named template arguments are supported.

Name Description
this Changes the template header. Can be one of the following:
  • lenited” produces “Lenited form of ….”
  • shpl” produces “Short plural of ….”
  • gen” produces “Genitive of ….”
  • see” produces “See ….”

If not given, “See ….” is used. If defined but left empty (“this=”), a plain list of references is generated, without leading space and trailing period. Any other value is used directly, separated from the list of references by a single space.


The following examples demonstrate the use of {{NaviSA}}.

Wikitext Result
{{NaviSA|kame}} See kame.
{{NaviSA|le|nì|tì}} See le, and .
{{NaviSA|this=lenited|tsat}} Lenited form of tsat.
{{NaviSA|this=shpl|tsaheylu}} Short plural of tsaheylu.
{{NaviSA|this=|kame|tsat|tsaheylu|'awpo}} kame, tsat, tsaheylu and 'awpo
{{NaviSA|this=Similar words:|'awpo|'awve|nì'aw}} Similar words: 'awpo, 'awve and nì'aw.

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