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PL:wt on the French Wiktionary.

The following documentation is located at Template:PL:wt/documentation. [edit]

This template is for linking to the foreign-language Wiktionary entry for a given foreign-language word.



* {{projectlink|wt|lang=fr}}

produces this:

  • PL:wt on the French Wiktionary.


This template is intended to be invoked via {{projectlink}}, like so:

* {{projectlink|wt|lang=language-code}}

where language-code is the language code of the language the word is in; for example, the entry for grenouille (the French word for “frog”) would use lang=fr.

In addition to lang=, a sc= argument is supported (for specifying the script template to use), as are two unnamed arguments: the name of the page to link to, and the link text to display. Both unnamed arguments should be omitted except in very rare cases.

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