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The following documentation is located at Template:reply to/documentation. [edit]
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This template creates a link to a user page, to generate a user mention notification for that user (see the Notifications tab of your preferences). Notifications are generated for any link to a user page added in a page revision simultaneously with the signature (i.e. link to the user page) of the user who made the revision. This template is just a shorthand, and using it is not necessary: the same can be accomplished by writing @[[User:Example|]]: (using the pipe trick).

If you feel that this template unnecessarily personalizes the discussion, you may still use the {{talkback}} template on the user's talk page to indicate that you have replied to a comment.

Multiple recipients[edit]

You can reply to up to 9 people at once:

{{reply to|User1|UserII|UserC}} Message text. ~~~~

Customise punctuation[edit]

By default, the template will insert a colon after the final name. To change this, specify the required character using the |p= parameter. For example:

  • {{reply to|Example|p=}} produces @Example