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The following documentation is located at Template:ar-verb-if3Alla/documentation. [edit]

*Note on template name: The name of this template contains the numeral 3. This numeral is commonly used in Arabic Chat Alphabet to write the Arabic letter ʿayin (). This transcription allows the template name to be written by any ascii keyboard. The capital A represents the long vowel Alif.


This template is used to produce the Arabic verb form ifʿAlla إفْعَالّ. To get a certain verb form, enter the three letters making up its root as parameter 1, 2 and 3 in order.

To get the verb with shakl (vowel signs), enter shakl=yes.

Tips for easy use[edit]

Because Arabic is bidirectional it messes the left-to-right direction when input together with left-justified text. To make it easier to use the template, you can start with Latin letters as place-holders for the Arabic letters, then copy/paste the Arabic letters in their places; a|b|c or x|y|z will do.

Example 1[edit]


Produces: احمار


Produces: اِحْمَارَّ

Example 2[edit]


Produces: احوال


Produces: اِحْوَالَّ

Example 3[edit]


Produces: اغبار


Produces: اِغْبَارَّ

Use this template only when you are sure that the verb does exist in this form. This form is very rare.

Some verbs rendered using this template[edit]

Without vowel signs
ح و ي•احواي غ ر ق•اغراق ف ع ل•افعال ء و ن•ائوان ء و ي•ائواي غ و ر•اغوار ح ي ر•احيار ء ز ز•ائزاز
ه ي ء•اهياء ر ء ا•ارآا ق ز ز•اقزاز ح ي و•احياو س ء م•اسآم ن ء و•انآو ج ي ء•اجياء د ف ء•ادفاء
ر ض ا•ارضاا و ص ل•اوصال ج و ر•اجوار ب و ء•ابواء د ر ء•ادراء س م و•اسماو ح م ي•احماي س ع ا•اسعاا
ز ح م•ازحام ط ل ع•اطلاع ت ج ر•اتجار ض ر ب•اضراب ص ب ر•اصبار . . .
With vowel signs
اِحْوَايَّ اِغْرَاقَّ اِئْوَانَّ اِئْوَايَّ اِغْوَارَّ اِحْيَارَّ اِئْزَازَّ
اِهْيَاءَّ اِرْآاَّ اِقْزَازَّ اِحْيَاوَّ اِسْآمَّ اِنْآوَّ اِجْيَاءَّ اِدْفَاءَّ
اِرْضَااَّ اِوْصَالَّ اِجْوَارَّ اِبْوَاءَّ اِدْرَاءَّ اِسْمَاوَّ اِحْمَايَّ اِسْعَااَّ
اِزْحَامَّ اِطْلَاعَّ اِتْجَارَّ اِضْرَابَّ اِصْبَارَّ . . .

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