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The following documentation is located at Template:ar-verb-tafA3ala/documentation. [edit]

*Note on template name: The name of this template contains the numeral 3. This numeral is commonly used in Arabic Chat Alphabet to write the Arabic letter ʿayin (). This transcription allows that the template name can be written by any ascii keyboard. The capital A represents the long vowel Alif.


This template is used to produce the Arabic verb form tafAʿala تَفاعَلَ. To get a certain verb form, enter the three letters making up its root in as prameter 1,2 and 3 in order.

To get the verb with shakl (vowel signs) enter shakl=yes.

Tips for easy use[edit]

Because Arabic is bidirectional it messes the left to right direction when input together with left justified text. To make using the template easier you can start with latin letters as place-holders for the Arabic letters then copy-paste the arabic letters in their place a|b|c or x|y|z will do.

Example 1[edit]


Produces: تغارق


Produces: تَغَارَقَ

Example 2[edit]


Produces: تحالم


Produces: تَحَالَمَ

Example 3[edit]


Produces: تسامع


Produces: تَسَامَعَ

This template can also handle weak verbs, verbs with hamza and verbs with doubled last letter or a combination of these.

Some verbs rendered using this template[edit]

Without vowel signs
ح و ي•تحاوى غ ر ق•تغارق ف ع ل•تفاعل ء و ن•تآون ء و ي•تآوى غ و ر•تغاور ح ي ر•تحاير ء ز ز•تآزز
ه ي ء•تهايأ ر ء ي•تراءى ق ز ز•تقازز ح ي و•تحايا س ء م•تساءم ن ء و•تناءى ج ي ء•تجايأ د ف ء•تدافأ
ر ض ا•تراضى و ص ل•تواصل ج و ر•تجاور ب و ء•تباوأ د ر ء•تدارأ س م و•تسامى ح م ي•تحامى س ع ا•تساعى
ز ح م•تزاحم ط ل ع•تطالع ت ج ر•تتاجر ض ر ب•تضارب ص ب ر•تصابر . . .
With vowel signs
تَحَاوَى تَغَارَقَ تَآوَنَ تَآوَى تَغَاوَرَ تَحَايَرَ تَآزَزَ
تَهَايَأَ تَرَاءَى تَقَازَزَ تَحَايَا تَسَاءَمَ تَنَاءَى تَجَايَأَ تَدَافَأَ
تَرَاضَى تَوَاصَلَ تَجَاوَرَ تَبَاوَأَ تَدَارَأَ تَسَامَى تَحَامَى تَسَاعَى
تَزَاحَمَ تَطَالَعَ تَتَاجَرَ تَضَارَبَ تَصَابَرَ . . .

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